Wellbeing Partnerships

A peer support group for people to talk about suicidal thoughts, feelings and actions.

When: 6.30pm – 8pm Wednesday evenings (please arrive on-time)

Where: The Hepburn Centre, 46 Highclere Blvd, Marangaroo WA 6064

Email: wearedischarged@gmail.com
This peer-led group uses the “Alternatives to Suicide” philosophy and is a space for people with personal experience of suicidal thoughts or actions, to come together and talk about feeling suicidal without being judged or put through a crisis management system. We believe that suicidality occurs due to circumstances in people’s lives and so members will mindfully listen to each other’s stories rather than trying to ‘fix’ or diagnose people.
The group is a ‘non-clinical space’ meaning that there are no prerequisites such as specific diagnoses or current contact with mental health professionals. It is important to note that people don’t need to be experiencing a current crisis to attend, if they have previously experienced suicidal thoughts or actions, then they are eligible.

Core Values of the group:

• Culture of mutual respect, support and empathy

• Group is based on ‘self-help’ with a focus on relationships

• Each person is honoured as the expert of their experiences

• Facilitators openly identify with the experience of suicidal thoughts

• No documentation of the group’s content is recorded (other than attendance)

• Relationships are based in respect and curiosity rather than judgment or fear • Value is placed on meeting and accepting people as they are

• Freedom to interpret one’s own experiences in any way

• Freedom to challenge social norms

• Willingness to sit with people in deep distress and explore thoughts and feelings without jumping to clinical interventions

Why DISCHARGED? We believe that people are Deserving of Inclusion, Support, Community, Hope, Authenticity, Respect, Growth, Empathy and Determination. These values are central in our relationship focused approach to wellbeing. The name DISCHARGED reflects our hope for the replacement of failing crisis management systems that emphasise in-patient treatment, to a more sustainable community approach that supports people experiencing profound distress.


We exist to champion and support people who have experienced mental illness, and their families and carers. We were established by families and individuals with lived experience, driven by hope, to find a way for people diagnosed with mental illness to reconnect with their life and community.

We are a community mental health provider. We are here for people and/or families experiencing a serious mental illness. We are a small team of experienced and dedicated people who understand, offers information and practical support.

We are not clinical or medical (at times we compliment this aspect of people’s care/treatment), rather we focus on supporting people to get on with their life, goals and aspirations. We know that people do much better when they are active, contributing and have opportunities to participate, learn and develop.

We were founded by families who wanted more for their family members than clinical and medical treatment could offer.