Why did we change ?

Communities change.
In age, gender, culture and lifestyle.
We need to embrace this change and this is how The Hepburn Centre was born.

The Hepburn Centre does not identify with one suburb, one age or gender group. It is named after a main road that runs through the south ward of the City of Wanneroo.
It is well known by local people but not tied to one place.
The Hepburn Centre located in the centre of the South Ward of the City of Wanneroo will be a Meeting Place which values diversity and actively promotes its core theme – of
Connecting Communities

The Hepburn Centre operates from a building owned by the City of Wanneroo adjacent to John Maloney Reserve and Clubrooms.  This building was destroyed by arson in 1997 and rebuilt in 1998 and continues to thrive today with the continued support of the local and surrounding communities. This centre is the only local community run centre in the south area of the City of Wanneroo.

We continue to partner with high quality organisations to meet the evolving needs of the local community.

We connect with:

Individuals and Families with children in the 6064 postcode and surrounding area

Individuals and families with or supporting people with disabilities

Individuals or families needing support and referrals to Domestic Violence or Mental Health services

CALD Individuals and families needing help to find assistance and relevant agencies

Older residents needing support to access services or a sense of belonging

Community Groups needing a space to provide social opportunities to local residents