Positive Partnerships

Positive Partnerships

From seemingly negative times comes positive partnerships.

We are so proud to partner with No Limits Perth.
If you need assistance please complete the form on their website. https://www.nolimitsperth.org.au/request-help

We’ve had an incredibly busy start to July & on average at the moment we are furnishing around 5 full houses per week & at least 3 or more orders for items, including food distribution & emergency packs or shower packs etc.

A full house means the person starts with absolutely nothing in the house, not even a toilet roll
So it’s a mammoth task of getting organised to the point of everything being prepared & ready to go within 30 minutes.

Without our volunteers who come in to help every Monday & Wednesday & our incredible team at No Limits Perth working together & putting our hearts & soul into serving our community – “one random act of kindness” expecting nothing in return – it would be impossible. Thank you to those who are not in these photos taken in the last week & today but helped (Janine & Jeff from AAA Storage) & those working in the background – THANK YOU!

What an enormous joint effort!!! Thank you to EVERY person who donates their time, money & items. You are priceless to us & we are so so thankful & grateful.

We are just one Neighbourhood centre in a massive network – Stayed open, still here, just differently.