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Marangaroo Family Centre Inc Children’s Programs

The Management Board, together with all MFC Staff members, met last night immediately following the Annual General Meeting to discuss the future of the Children’s programs.

Enrolment numbers have been in steady decline over the past three years and are now at a level where the program is no longer able to be provided in its current form.

Regrettably, the Board announces that the “Kids On the Move”, “Kindy Kapers” and “Anklebiters” programs will not be running in 2019.

This decision was not made easily.

The main contributing factors identified by the Board and staff were:

  • Changing demographics in the target catchment areas.
  • Childcare Centres now offering 3+ Kindy’s which attract a government rebate.
  • Government schools introducing their own 3+ Kindy’s.

Postponement of this decision until the end of the year in the hope that enrolments increased may have resulted in all other Centre positions being filled and your child being unable to find a place.

The Board is also mindful of the impact on the Centre staff, who have demonstrated a high level of compassion and professionalism throughout this process.

The Board also takes this opportunity to extend its gratitude to the valuable and heartfelt efforts of the staff directly involved in delivering high quality and valuable children’s programs.  

The Board is also committed to retaining the services of all employees, and in consultation with the affect staff members, we are looking to assist reallocate those resources to new programs to be offered by the Centre.