Early years Partnerships


Child and Adolescent Community Health offers a universal schedule of child health and developmental assessments to every child in the metropolitan area at key developmental ages.

Targeted and specialist programs are also offered which support parents/carers to optimise the health, wellbeing and development of the infant/child.

Child Health Appointments

Families can register for their Child Health appointment (external site)

Marangaroo Child Health Clinic Phone (08) 9342 1690



Ngala Early Parenting Program: Early Parenting Groups are a series of five workshops for new parents. Each workshop covers a wide range of topics. They allow you and your new baby to meet and connect with other new parents in your local area, creating a support network based on similar experiences. Workshops are facilitated by Ngala staff.

Solid Start Workshops: This workshop covers the introduction of solids for parents with babies aged 4 – 7 months. We provide this free one-off workshop to help parents introducing solids to their baby, sharing information based on current research. It gives parents an opportunity to share knowledge with other parents about how their baby grows and develops. You will be given tips to help you with this important milestone in your baby?s life.

Lets Sleep Workshops: Is your baby over 6 months old and having difficulty sleeping? Let’s Sleep helps parents understand more about their baby?s sleep. It provides information on sleep and settling strategies based on current research and is an opportunity to gain and share knowledge with other parents about how their baby grows and develops.